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Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Our goal in this class is to challenge existing assumptions, engage alternative viewpoints, and encourage critical thinking. Through the study of history, we seek to empower ourselves to be better citizens, and to provide ourselves with the skills necessary to play a positive and educated role in society.

We need to be active constituents rather than mere recipients of our education.

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To accomplish those tasks, we should strive to create an open and supportive learning environment. Regular attendance and active participation are also necessary. Please drop me a note if you are unable to attend, or if you have any concerns or suggestions for improving the class. There are three texts for the class. The primary text is the films we will watch on Latin American history. Two additional books will help us critically dissect these films:.

Deacons for Defense : (FULL MOVIE 360 p) Based on a True Story

Chasteen, John Charles. New York: Norton, ISBN: Stevens, Donald Fithian, ed. Latin-American silhouettes. Wilmington, Del: SR Books, Read the assignments before class so that you are prepared to carry on intelligent discussions of the films in class. Film introductions and discussions 28 percent of course grade. The class will divide up into small groups for each film.

Based on a True Story

These groups will bring the film to class, present an introduction to the film, and lead a discussion after viewing it. This assignment involves previewing the film and perhaps other films by the same director or on the same topic , researching the historical context of the film, and engaging students actively in a discussion of the film.

The introductions should show evidence of serious scholarly research perhaps equal to that for a research paper that informs the presentations. See the blackboard webpage for a bibliography of suggested starting points for your research. The films we are watching are on hold in the media library in Pickler; bring the film to class the day your group introduces it.

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Consider questions such as these in preparing for your presentation:. Discussion board postings 3 percent each, for a total of 42 percent of course grade. How successful was the film in communicating historical facts and interpretations? Was it more or less successful than the readings?

Did the film have other goals, and did it successfully achieve these?

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How would you critique the comments of your classmates on this film? I will grade your posting based on your incorporation of assigned readings, synthesis of the material, ability to analyze its significance, an evaluation of its importance to the broader themes of this class, and the extent to which you engage other students in a virtual discussion.