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Bill McLeod Saskatoon. Click here for previous weeks' lists. Why is there no order form on this site? He was also given writing materials so that he could employ his time in prison to write a book. Following the execution, Riel's body was returned to his mother's home in St. Vital , where it lay in state.

On 12 December , his remains were laid in the churchyard of the Saint-Boniface Cathedral following the celebration of a requiem mass. The trial and execution of Riel caused a bitter and prolonged reaction which convulsed Canadian politics for decades. The Orange Irish Protestant element in Ontario had demanded the execution as the punishment for Riel's treason and his execution of Thomas Scott in With their revenge satisfied, the Orange turned their attention to other matters especially the Jesuit Estates proposal.

Riel remains controversial. Bumsted in said that for Manitoba historian James Jackson, the murder of Scott — "perhaps the result of Riel's incipient madness — was the great blemish on Riel's achievement, depriving him of his proper role as the father of Manitoba. Riel's worst fears were realised—following the failed rebellion, the French language and Roman Catholic religion faced increasing marginalisation in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as exemplified by the controversy surrounding the Manitoba Schools Question.

Saskatchewan did not attain provincehood until Riel's execution and Macdonald's refusal to commute his sentence caused lasting discord in Quebec, and led to a fundamental alteration in the Canadian political order. This party, which promoted Quebec nationalism , won a majority in the Quebec election by winning a number of seats formerly controlled by the Quebec Conservative Party. The federal election of likewise saw significant gains by the federal Liberals, again at the expense of the Conservatives.

This led to the victory of the Liberal party under Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the federal election of , which in turn set the stage for the domination of Canadian federal politics by the Liberal party in the 20th century. On 18 February , the province of Manitoba officially recognized the first Louis Riel Day as a general provincial holiday.

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It will now fall on the third Monday of February each year in the Province of Manitoba. Historians have debated the Riel case so often and so passionately that he is the most written-about person in all of Canadian history. Riel was portrayed as an insane traitor and an obstacle to the expansion of Canada to the West.

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Morton says the execution:. They made sure that he was not honored as a martyr. His insanity was ignored and he was made a folk hero by the Francophones, the Catholic nationalists, the native rights movement, and the New Left student movement. However, a leading specialist Thomas Flanagan reversed his views after editing Riel's writings:. As for the insanity, historians have noted that many religious leaders the past have exhibited behavior that looks exactly like insanity. Flanigan emphasizes that Riel exemplified the tradition of religious mystics involved in politics, especially those with a sense that the world was about to be totally transformed by their religious vision.

Political scientists such as Thomas Flanagan have pointed out certain parallels between Riel's following during the North-West Rebellion and millenarian cults. A resolution was passed by Parliament on 10 March citing that Louis Riel was the founder of Manitoba. It was unveiled in and stood in the grounds of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba for 23 years. It was replaced in with a statue designed by Miguel Joyal depicting Riel as a dignified statesman.

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The unveiling ceremony was on 16 May , in Winnipeg. A statue of Riel on the grounds of the Saskatchewan legislative building in Regina was installed and later removed for similar reasons. In numerous communities across Canada, Riel is commemorated in the names of streets, schools, neighbourhoods, and other buildings. Vital 's Minnetonka neighbourhood which is sometimes called Riel. The student centre and campus pub at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon are named after Riel Place Riel and Louis' , respectively.

There is a Louis Riel School in Calgary. This new statutory holiday coincides with the celebration on 15—24 February of the Festival du Voyageur. Following the May trial, Louis Riel was hanged 16 November Boniface Basilica in Manitoba, his birthplace, for burial.

An opera about Riel entitled Louis Riel was commissioned for Canada's centennial celebrations in The Canadian Opera Company produced and performed the first run of the opera in September and October From the late s until the early s, the city of Saskatoon hosted "Louis Riel Day", a summer celebration that included a relay race that combined running, backpack carrying, canoeing , hill climbing, and horseback riding along the South Saskatchewan River in the city's downtown core. Traditionally, the event also included a cabbage roll eating contest and tug-of-war competition, as well as live musical performances.

Although not affiliated with the Saskatoon Exhibition, for years Louis Riel Day was scheduled for the day before the start of the fair, and as such came to be considered the Exhibition's unofficial kick-off the scheduling of the two events was separated in later years. The event was discontinued when major sponsors pulled out. And all around Regina they talk about him still — why did they have to kill Louis Riel?

The Seattle-based Indie rock band Grand Archives also wrote a song entitled "Louis Riel" that appears on their self-titled album. For other uses, see Louis Riel disambiguation. Louis Riel, age Main article: Red River Rebellion.

The execution of Thomas Scott. Louis Riel circa Main article: North-West Rebellion. Louis Riel imprisoned in Middleton's camp at Batoche, 16 May Main article: Trial of Louis Riel. Louis Riel testifies at his trial.

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