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Scala best practices: null values, Option, Some, and None. Scala: How to read input from one file while writing output to another file. How to create your own control structures in Scala. Scala: How to build control structures with types and call-by-name parameters.

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Solution: When AndroidManifest. A Dart function to return a random element from a list. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. Your name. This book is for you. So, come along. Stick that little toe in the Scala waters and see if they feel as good for you as they have for me. Who This Book Is For This book is for folks with some programming background who want to dip their little toe into Scala, check the temperature, and perhaps wade in some more.

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Chapters 4 through 7 tour key Scala features, including functions, pattern matching, Scala Collections and traits. Chapter 9 discusses Scala and Java interoperability. Chapter 11 discusses the standard build tool SBT. Chapter 12 shows how to develop web applications using Scala web framework. Chapter 13 discusses some best practices for Scala.

The scalability of a program is defined in terms of its performance, while the scalability of a language has a broad ranging definition, in that the high scalability of Scala is a consequence of the fusion of object-oriented and functional programming. While Java has undoubtedly ushered in a wave of new era in software development, this initial chapter discusses why Scala supplants Java as a worthy successor and gets you started on a wonderful journey of great distances.

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Scala is a language that addresses the major needs of many Java developers. It is a statically typed, mixedparadigm, JVM language with a terse and flexible syntax, a superior type system bestowing the developer with the ability to be more efficient with less code and minimum ceremony. A Concise Language Scala is a programming language designed to make your program, well, concise. Listing shows a simple Java class that you would write to encapsulate a book object.

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Listing It is a simple Book class that encapsulates the title of the book and number of pages in what amounts to eight lines, not to mention loads of parentheses, braces, and semicolons floating around. Now compare Listing with Listing , which is the same Book class written using Scala.

Lightweight Syntax Scala does not include the useless, even troublesome, features of Java such as static members, primitive types, break and continue statements, enums, or wildcards just to name a few. There are several other handy methods that are also generated from Case classes. These and several other features will be explained in this book in detail; meanwhile, just to get a feel of light-weightiness of Scala syntax, breeze through the code that we present in this section starting with Listing We then disassemble Book.

This is how your Java Book class would have looked if you had written code for all the features power-packed in a single line of Scala code in Listing String, java. String, int ; public static scala.

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String, scala. String, int ; public java. String productPrefix ; public int productArity ; public java. Object productElement int ; public scala. Object ; public int hashCode ; public java. String toString ; public boolean equals java. Object ; public Book java. Multiparadigm Language Scala is a programming language that provides a best-of-two-worlds experience for developers.

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Scala also has many functional programming facilities, including features found in pure functional languages such as Haskell. Note that match against Soda has been commented out. When compiling the above as-is, the compiler will throw a warning:. A combination of pattern matching and ADT provides exhaustivity checks during compile-time.

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Of course, this is only one of many useful features available in Scala. Scala helps you write expressive and maintainable code without sacrificing usability. Consider that most of the time we developers spent reading code as part of an effort to write new code.