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We explain the historic context of each era, musical features and main composers, supporting our explanation with musical examples and a projection in the background. At the end of each section we perform a couple of pieces to help the audience recognise the main features of the music at each time. As the workshop goes by they realise that in the projection each section contains a slide of a shoe that was fashionable at the time.

After completing the four periods the Quiz begins: we perform a few more pieces and now is when the shoes come into play! The audience has to guess from which period, lifting up the shoe that they think corresponds to the musical time we are playing. Thinking in Canon is a didactic concert based on the Canon form. Everything is supported with a projection showing pictures of the music and composers.

The second deals with how the great composers used this form in their compositions. We provide live music at corporate events, functions, art exhibitions and galleries, weddings and private parties. When I was taking violin lessons, at a certain point it became kind of obvious I wasn't going to be a fiddler. Me on manodlin, teacher on violin.

Great and amazing fun.

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Lots of riffs passed back and forth and it was interesting to hear the difference in tone and articulation between violin and mandolin. It kind of added another layer of entertainment. My teacher has moved on, and I have been searching for someone to play duets with. Indulge responsibly! The entire staff funny I had completely forgotten the exam work by Ariane Zernecke.

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As you say, there shouldn't be too much ideological weight being put on the shoulders of the tremolo technique, but the one thing I can say is, that for my personal taste, it sounds more appropriate, if tremolo is only used for the longer notes, the way it is done in this Dancla edition, as oppsed to tremolo on eighth notes, the way it is tought in the de Cristofaro method for instance. I'll check out Bloch and de Beriot for sure, thanks for the link! Score — Eds, Record — Su U. Score — Pa, Schott. Chagall , Score — Eds, Record — Pa.

Cycle of songs for low voice and piano on words by R. Rilke, Score — Schott U. Symphony No. Score — Eds Symphony No. Concerto for violoncello and orchestra, 3 movts. Score — Eds Concerto for piano and orchestra No.

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Score — Pa. Concerto for violin and orchestra No. Tristium, concertant fantasie for viola and string orchestra, Op. String Quartet No. Chagall , Op. Divertimento for Wind Quintet, 5 parts, Op. Small Chamber Music for Wind Quintet, 3 movts. PA Couples for two flutes, 3 movts. The last work of Viktor Kalabis, PA. Trio for Violin Cello and Piano, Op.

Ludus for piano quartet, Op. Score — Eds Sonata for cello and piano, 3 movts. Score — Schott, Record — Su Suite for clarinet and piano, 3 movts. Score — PA Sonata for violin and piano, 3 movts. Record — Pa Sonata for viola and piano, 1 movt. Sonata for violin and harpsichord, 3 movts. Score — PA Dialogues, for violoncello and harpsichord, 4 movts. Duettina for violin and cello, 4 movts. Piano Sonata No.

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Score — Eds Three Polkas for piano, Op. Symphonic Fresco for organ Afresco sinfonico , Op.

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  • PA Rondo Drammatico for cello solo, Op. Schott French horn Invocation for French horn solo, Op. Schott, Eds. Cycle of songs for tenor and piano to folk poetry, OP. Rilke for high voice and strings, Op. Rilke, Op. Songs for Little Children with piano, Op. Chronological Categories Op. Score — Eds Op. Record — Su Op. Score — Eds, Record — Su Op.

    Score — PA Op. Score- Eds, Record — Su Op. Score — Pa, Record — Pa Op. Score — Schott, Record — Su Op. Score: Zimmermann, Frankfurt am Main Op.

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    Score — Pa Op. Score — Eds, Record — Pa Op. Score — Compusic Amsterdam Op.

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    • Record — Pa Op. PA Op. Schott Op. Schott, Eds Op. Compositions for Large Orchestra Symphony No.

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      Instrumental Concertos Concerto for violoncello and orchestra, 3 movts. String Quartets String Quartet No. Small Suite for two bassoons, 3 movts. PA Ludus for piano quartet, Op.