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To add depth to her blonde look , January Jones has a blend of light brown and light blonde streaks throughout her hair. For an edgy yet subtle contrast, ask your colorist to not only give you warm highlights on your top layers, but to darken your bottom layers, like Mandy Moore has done. Even hair as dark as Vanessa Williams 's can benefit from a few well-placed highlights.

Don't be afraid to ask for a noticeably lighter color! A slight graduation from deep brown to golden brown gives your hair a natural-looking lightness like Lucy Hale 's. Painting streaks of golden and buttery hues throughout the hair offers blondes a Blake Lively -inspired look. Kathryn Hahn 's varying shades of medium brown are so seamless, it was likely done via color-melting, a technique used on top of balayage. A realistic red color looks even more dimensional with the addition of strawberry blonde highlights, like those on Bryce Dallas Howard. To add radiance to deep brown locks, copy Jessica Biel and ask your stylist for toffee streaks throughout your hair, focusing on the ends.

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Jenna Dewan 's sporadic and significantly lighter strands let her maintain her intense dark brown while enjoying the dimension highlighting creates. Catherine O'Hara 's flattering mix of blonde shades not only helps her complexion glow, they're the perfect hues for intentionally growing in some gray. Kat Graham 's hair is the perfect example of just how subtle yet impactful balayage can be.

Her highlights are a deep auburn that's only a teensy bit lighter than her dark brown base color, but it makes her lob even more interesting. The beauty of balayage is that it can be so subtle, you barely see shift in shades between the highlights and the base color, as seen here on Alexis Bledel. If you like a more obvious highlight, choose a higher-contrast balayage hair color like Alyssa Milano did — her medium-blonde accents stand out even more thanks to such a smooth style.

If you're thinking of lightening up your blonde, you don't have to do it all in one shot. You can do so gradually with a lighter blonde balayage, seen here on Claire Danes, that totally brightens your whole head. You don't need lengthy layers to reap the benefits of balayage. A shoulder-grazing style can get a little boring, but not for Eva Longori a. Add striking streaks of warm, reddish brown throughout to give it some serious radiance. Chrissy Teigen is seriously the balayage queen. Beachy waves have never looked better than this beautiful brown-blonde combo, full of thin highlights.

Babylights are tiny highlights so subtle, they look natural. If you're apprehensive about making a big change but still want to make your look more dynamic, go for Lily Aldridge 's look and try babylights in a shade just a few lighter than your natural color. For a beautiful sun-kissed glow that lasts year-round, ask your stylist for golden tones that start at eye level. And show this photo of SJP for inspo.

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Babylights don't just have to be brown or blonde — they can come in red too just ask Gabrielle Union. Ask your stylist to paint thin red highlights throughout your hair. Warm buttery blondes like Elizabeth Olsen get a modern update with contrasting streaks of champagne and sunflower. Bronde hair takes brown and blonde tones and puts them together to form a hair color that's the best of both worlds.

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Balayage enhances this look, making it appear more natural and dynamic a. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Biotin's Benefits for Hair and Nails. Getty Images. Blonde "Money Piece". Gina Rodriguez Instagram.

Specks of Gold. Rodin Eckenroth Getty Images.

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Hot Chocolate. Jinger Vuolo Instagram. Brilliant Blonde. This is nothing to worry about. There are two possible diagnosis for total color blindness:. Cone Monochromacy — We each possess three cone cell photopigments. Red, blue, or green monochromacy occurs when two of the three fail.

The reason your brain fails to recognize any color at all when only two of the three are malfunctioning is because the brain needs to contrasts and compare images to determine color and shade. If the comparison color is unavailable, you will be unable to distinguish the contrasting color.

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Rod monochromacy, or Achromatopsia — The rarest and most severe form of color blindness, this disorder presents itself at birth. Not only are sufferers unable to detect even a hint of color, they are also photophobic, or incredibly sensitive to light. Blue Raspberry is really kiwi lime. In many cases, the disorder is so mild it usually has little to no interference and can often even go undetected.

Protanomaly : Reds, oranges and yellows can take on a greenish tint, and most colors appear muted. Imagine turning the saturation down on everything you see. Deuteranopia : Without functioning green cone cells, reds can appear brown or yellow, and green can look pale brown or beige.

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Dean Arkfeld, M. Michael Goldstein, M. Camilla Parson, M. Brandon Menke, M. Patient Portal. Request Appointment.