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Sometimes symptoms go away and then return. In some cases, numbness or loss of sensation on the right side of the face is an early sign of MS. The earlier MS is treated, the better. Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or cut off altogether. Left untreated, strokes can be fatal. Symptoms that affect the face are common with stroke, and they include facial numbness, drooping, and weakness.

Someone who is having a stroke might have difficulty smiling. Other common stroke signs are described at the top of this article. Strokes can cause right- or the left-sided facial numbness. Sometimes they affect the right and left side of the face simultaneously.

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Fast action is necessary to minimize long-term damage. You should call your local emergency services right away if you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms. Many other conditions can cause facial numbness on the right side. Some of these conditions include:. Seeking medical attention is the only way to know for sure. Seek emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. If your face feels numb on the right side, keep a record of other symptoms to share with a doctor.

Once your doctor has identified what is causing numbness on the right side of your face, they can come up with options for treatment. Treating the condition that is causing your facial numbness can help relieve this symptom. There are no specific medical treatments for unilateral facial numbness. Pain medication can sometimes help with related symptoms. Talk to a health professional to understand how you can ease numbness in the right side of your face. Numbness on one or both sides of your face can indicate a medical emergency. Learning to recognize the symptoms of a stroke is a good idea.

The first thing to do to address numbness on the right side of your face is to book an appointment with a doctor to discuss your symptoms. Recognizing the signs of a stroke can save a life. Learn 21 warning signs of stroke. Discover major warning signs, like face drooping, and some that….

Tingling lips generally aren't a cause for concern, but sometimes they may be a sign of an underlying condition. Here's what may be causing your…. Multiple sclerosis is a disorder where your immune system is compromised and the protective coverings of nerve cells are being attacked.

Learn how to…. If you're suffering from pain in the head, you may be suffering from a primary or secondary headache, or a migraine. Discover basic differences. Facial paralysis is a loss of facial movement due to nerve damage. Learn more about the causes and treatments of facial paralysis.

A numb forehead is most likely temporary and not a cause for concern. Some of the many reasons your forehead might feel numb include: illness…. There are many possible causes for a numb face, and several of them aren't anything to worry about. With one of these minor conditions, your symptoms….

Numbness involves nerves in your body. If you're experiencing numbness in your head, it's most likely scalp numbness. It's a symptom with many…. What's more, climate change is unlikely to be solved by a group of individuals making different choices. It's going to need structural, widespread changes to economic systems, business models and cultural priorities. Rethinking our attitude toward kids might be part of that, but by framing the decision to have kids as a kind of 'climate recklessness', we misdescribe the moral reality.

Having the will to tackle the problems of climate change requires us to be the kinds of people who have a moral stake in the future. The inability to take meaningful action on climate change thus far can be at least partly attributed to the inability to care at all about the world beyond our own lifetime.

Parenting requires you to think about the long game — part of caring about your kids means caring about the world they'll live in. Of course, you don't need to be a parent to have those concerns. We should all care about the future regardless of whether we have kids.

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Plus, if parents are only caring about the future because of their kids, then that probably reveals a very patchy moral compass. But while we're working to change people's moral concerns, we might as well tap into those with a ready-made reason to give a shit about what's to come: people with kids.

As a community, the idea of kids and future generations can capture the imagination. New life has always given us reason to hope. As columnist and parent Elizabeth Bruenig writes for The Washington Post: "Children are a clear statement of hope, a demand that we claim accountability for the future. They are a rejection of cavalier disregard for the planet we share. Not having kids seems like an obvious way to accept the current state of affairs. It's also a way of accepting that we have a duty not to live in ignorance of the lives of those who aren't born yet.

We are accountable to them and should do them justice. But parenting can — and does — generate the same kinds of moral commitments. It's not about whether you have kids or not; it's about whether you're interested in the future. For parents, it's not enough to worry about your kids future — parents have always done that.

You're not actually doing anything to stop climate change. It just means you've got a really good motivation for doing so.

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One thing that the threat of a world wracked by climate change does is make us reconsider what it means to be good parents in this context. Arguably, it's not enough to keep our kids happy, teach them to be kind and to be responsible for their own lives. Parents like me can't sit on the sidelines: they — and I — need to turn their climate anxiety into action.

Having kids has always been a deeply personal decision. People may not want to risk bringing their kids into an uncertain world — made all the more uncertain by the threat of ecological catastrophe. Those who do, though, need not feel like they've failed either their kids or the world.

Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™)

Anti-natalists worry that if kids ever asked "why did you have me? I'd respectfully suggest instead we should spend our energy making sure the world is in a state that as few kids as possible would ever dream of asking that question. ABC Life helps you navigate life's challenges and choices so you can stay on top of the things that matter to you.

Posted 4 d days ago. We ran a story on women who choose to be childfree. Your response was overwhelming.

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Small ways to reduce waste and care for the environment when you have kids. We live in scary times, but staying optimistic is more important than ever. In a flawed world, Emma Thompson's in-flight faux pas is a dilemma we all face. Thinking about free speech as a 'right' gives people a licence to say awful things.

The ethics of taking a better-paying job that goes against your values.

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How hard should you push your kids to do better at school? I don't like the way people at work are using the public's personal data. Do I speak up? Philosophy isn't just about life's big questions, it can help solve everyday dilemmas.