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It is simply providing information to help the public become more aware of some of the current threats to Evidence Based Medicine.

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In other words, the goal is that as healthcare consumers, we all should be confident that a particular health treatment has been rigorously, fairly, and transparently tested to ensure interventions are not only effective, but provide more benefits than harms. The authors actively seek feedback about the book and the website in order to answer questions and help ensure the site serves the public as intended. Of course, Testing Treatments Interactive provides a free link to download the full text of Testing Treatments book.

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This blog presents the abstract of a literature review and critical appraisal on the topic of pre-hospital antibiotics for patients with sepsis. This blog is a critical appraisal of the following pilot study: Intraexaminer comparison of applied kinesiology manual muscle testing of varying durations.

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What are the key steps in EBM? Who are S4BE? Danny has great interest in The Cochrane Collaboration and how medical evidence is used and communicated.

Testing treatments: Better research for better healthcare. N2 - How do we know whether a particular treatment really works? How reliable is the evidence?

Uncovering Clinical Insights From Unstructured EMR Data to Improve Patient Outcomes (Cloud Next '19)

And how do we ensure that research into medical treatments best meets the needs of patients? Building on the first edition, Testing Treatments has now been extensively revised and updated.

Testing Treatments: Better research for better healthcare

The second edition includes an account of screening, explaining how early diagnosis is not always better, and a new chapter exploring how over-regulation of research can work against the best interests of patients. Another new chapter shows how robust evidence from research can shape the practice of healthcare in ways that allow treatment decisions to be reached jointly by patients and clinicians. Testing Treatments urges everyone to get involved in improving current research and future treatment, and outlines practical steps that patients and doctors can take together.