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He made this city on top of a hill, in an isolated island in the sea, to protect her and named it Atlantis. According to the story, Poseidon walked through the world in an effort to find the biggest island until he reached the biggest of them all- Atlantis and found it to be inhabited by people who were more beautiful and intelligent than rest of the world. It was then he fell in love with Cleito when he finds her in the island.

The new home built by Poseidon for his love in the City of Atlantis was surrounded by rings of water and land.

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The five rings of water were connected to the land with the help of five tunnels, where a huge canal connected the outer rings of water to the ocean. The tunnels were able to accommodate ships and every route to the city was guarded by gates and towers. Moreover, the wall that surrounded the rings was built using red, white and black rock and was decorated with precious metals.

This hill was surrounded by huge moats and pillars. The fable tells that Cleito had five pairs of twin sons with Poseidon, the eldest of which was named Atlas. The ten sons inherited the great city and the first child, Atlas, became the first ruler of Atlantis. However, it is believed they also built a huge temple for their father with a giant statue of Poseidon riding a chariot carried by winged horses.

The statue was completely built in gold, and placed in a temple with its spiral roof so high up that the clouds drifted through the spirals of the temple. The fertile and beautiful city of Atlantis, where half god and half human beings lived, is believed to have been a self-sufficient region where people grew their own food and reared animals. Farmers in the city used to grow the crops in the fertile plains on the outskirts with the help of well-maintained irrigation system.

They also built beautiful buildings and other architectures from materials like black and red stone. They also had access to rare metals and even alloys like brass, made and used crystals extensively for leisure and experimental purposes and had a lot of free time to even play with volcanoes. Other than the legend of the lost city of Atlantis and other fables, the fact about the city still remains unknown.

Among historians and other researchers, the findings of Edgar Caycehad something different to tell. He predicted a new land would appear off the east coast of North America.

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He also suggested that the souls of a number of people lived in Atlantis had been incarnating to America in order to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness. Stories also claim that the original inhabitants of the lost city of Atlantis are believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin who reached there about 50, years ago from the Lyrian star system. As some claim that the Lost City of Atlantis was on Mars, or was just a colony of an alien civilization, the inhabitants of the Atlantis city believed to have the possessors of exceptional powers such as the ability to control weather, modify volcanic eruptions.

World of Mysteries - Lost City of Atlantis

Some accounts also mention about their possession of some sort of device that allowed them to channell energy from time and space. Even though the myth says that the inhabitants of the Atlantis City were superior beings, there are some of the opinions that it is just a mythical representation of a barbaric fashion of life. While many still consider the Lost City of Atlantis is just a legend, there are many conspiracy theories doing the rounds suggesting that the fable is actually based on real events.

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Ocean explorer Robert Ballard finds logic in the story as it has similarities with a massive volcanic eruption in the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea near Greece. Ballard says a highly advanced society lived there disappeared suddenly as happened with the Atlantis. Similarly, Ignatius Donnelly also confirms the existence and disappearance of a mid-Atlantic continent that was in the exact location that Plato mentioned.

As the debate goes on, few researchers claimed that this utopian kingdom was a real continent located off the Bahamas and it was swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle later, while another group suggested the current Antarctica is the newer version of Atlantis.

'Lost' City of Atlantis: Fact & Fable

Meanwhile, James Romm, a professor at Bard College in Annandale in New York, says Plato himself created the story in order to convey some of his philosophical theories, mostly about his vision of an ideal civilization. Journalist by training, and an academic in aspiration, Shamseer Mambra currently works as a freelance journalist, after spending three years in the newsrooms of some of the reputed media houses in India.

When not at work, he likes to read, click photographs and go for a ride on his bike. Atlantis is a extravagant study my photos and knowlege of the city is rapidly increasing. These findings just might solve this mystery once and for all. Andres Caluag September 23, Mark Villanueva September 14, Alissa Laderer Castleton September 08, II Cholesterol has been the cause of many deaths, because of late detection by victims. This made the World Health Organization recommend regular checks and reduction in high level cholesterol food intake, to reduce sudden attacks.

Many believe that the philosopher borrowed allegories and ideas from the Story of Gyges. Then there are those who insist that his work was completely original. The only inspiration that Plato could have sought from were real life events such as the destruction of Helike in fourth century BC. Eventually, many scholars proposed a theory that was frowned upon by the masses. Mesoamerican theorists such as Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg and August Le Plongeon devised thoroughly detailed theories to suggest that somehow, either the Mayan or the Aztec civilizations had something to do with the construction of Atlantis.

The former traveled to the region during the s and after translating Mayan texts such as Popol Vuh , he had what he believed was sufficient evidence….

The Mystery of Atlantis

This is mainly after suggesting that the Mayans were actually descendants of a people called the Toltecs. He claimed that these were the superior race who had originally created Atlantis. Although his depictions were exciting and provoking towards the general consensus, scholars found his work to be purely speculative and rooted in fantasy.

In stark contrast, one individual has recently come up with some more believable findings…. Over the last few years, concrete claims to the city of Atlantis have been few and far between. One exception though came in when German computer expert Michael Hubner theorized that Morocco was potentially home to the ancient ruins.

You may be wondering, what could have led Hubner to such a random country?

1. Atlantis was a mid-Atlantic continent that suddenly sunk into the ocean.

Morocco ticked all 51 boxes. However, it was just two years later when archeologists came up with the most serious discovery to date…. In an amazing breakthrough, Archeologists have recently discovered an ancient city that many theorists believe could, in fact, be Atlantis. New aerial images clearly show Nad Madol, located on the island of Pohnpei.

The team of researchers, who have since traveled to the location, discovered that the ruins had originally been built over a lagoon. But what makes this archeological site so different from all the others? What is intriguing Atlantis theorists the most about this newly found site are the tidal canals and walls that surround the site, similar to that which was written by Plato all those years ago. The structures of Nan Madol are believed to be built out of , tons of black rock. The leader of the research team is a man who goes by the name of Mark McCoy.

According to the proud archeologist, he believes that the discovery, whether it turns out to be Atlantis or not, is an absolute game changer.

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McCoy and the team closely investigated one of the tombs that chiefs were buried in. This way, they were able to determine a clearer date as to when the ancient city was originally built. This only spells good things for further research about Atlantis. But who lived in Nan Madol? As it turns out, McCoy was right. Nan Madol was originally a capital city, specifically, of the Saudeleur Dynasty. The ruins are considered well ahead of their time by the archeological community. When they were deep under the ocean surface, Darrell and his team found numerous structures, roads, which they have a good feeling could be up to 12, years old.

SCIplanet - Atlantis: The Lost Civilization

But that is not all they found…. With a number of strange cylinder structures attached to it, Darrell suspected that it might be some sort of alien spaceship. The end result was staggering. Finding such a huge, bizarre looking object, the crew knew that they had stumbled across something special.

While many consider an eruption of the volcano Thera to have caused the formation of the city of Atlantis, many have debated as to exactly when this catastrophic event may have happened.